23 April 2008

Hillary Clinton, You've Inspired Me

To contribute my hard-earned money to Barack Obama's campaign. Yes, I did it. Me. The hard-working, semi-college educated, twenty-something single mother, with not a dime to spare. But I did it anyway.

And it feels great. Great to be a part of something that could mean positive change in our country (for a change!). Great to know that this "Elitist" (pfft!) I support is running his entire campaign from contributions made by folks just like me. Folks who work hard for very little, who do the best to raise their families, folks who want to be heard by our government, and see that opportunity in Barack Obama.

While I've been clear about my support of Barack Obama since late 2007, this is the first time in my life I've felt the need to contribute to a political cause or campaign. So, thanks Senator Clinton. You may be proud of the contributions you received after Tuesday's primary in Pennsylvania, but know that for each person that gave you their money, there are three people just like me contributing to Senator Obama's campaign.

That is all. You may now go back to sucking the marrow out of newly born infants.