09 September 2009


I'm tired. My hands and joints hurt. I'm still in my work clothes. I finally have cable and internet again. I missed my computer. I don't wanna finish packing and moving my old house- but I want to be done with it. I wanna vacation. Wahhhh....

And that is tonight's whinefest. And yes, I do have cheese with my wine.

Now back to your regular scheduled programming.

23 August 2009

Umm, it's really been almost a year??

Really?  A year?  Since I've written anything?  I guess my facebook addiction has gotten the best of me. LOL.  No time to write today (for my one whole reader, who is on my FB anyway)... but me thinks I have to get back to this blog soon.  Right now? Busy with back to school, packing, moving next week, a newish job..oyy.  Not to mention the regular day-to-days with the kiddos.

Sleep is so overrated.