11 September 2008

Long time no write

Wow. I haven't been on here in months. I don't think I have any readers anyway...but I'll post some of my blogs from Myspace later to catch up.

It's just been crazy. I left one job at the end of July, started a new one exactly one month ago today, Peter started school, both kids started new daycare. And with my new job came "Commuter Schedule."

5:30 am wake up. Hah. I really press snooze.
5:45 am really wake up. Shower, get dressed, put backpacks in car.
6:15 am put sleeping children in car
6:30 am drop kids off at their dad's
by 7:03 am get on caltrain
8ish am take Muni from the caltrain station to downtown SF, walk from Muni to my office
8:30 am enter my office.
WORK all day long
5:00 pm leave office, run to Muni station, take Muni to Caltrain
5:33 pm take Caltrain back to SJ
6:40 pm or so-drive to pick up the kids at the sitters
7:00 pm HOME (Finally)

And not like I really get to relax. The kids have homework, snacks, baths, reading, bedtime. I have to iron, make lunches, clean, get kids' backpacks ready...oh and eat. (Luckily the kids eat at the sitters.)

Life. Anyway. I'll blog for reals later.