24 February 2008

Dear Legbreaker

My man is so funny.  Check out his new advice column, Dear Legbreaker.  Move over Dear Abby, (better yet, cover your ears!) this is advice for the 21st century.

14 February 2008

Yes We Can

I don't recall the last time I was so moved by any presidential candidate. It seems the past two elections were about voting against the wrong candidate, instead of for the right candidate. In fact, politics in general, since the 1970s have been like this.

Not anymore.

Yes WE can!

12 February 2008

Pretend Dad

There's a part of me that had hoped it would've taken my kids another few years to figure this out....

Three weeks ago, after my ex dropped off the kids, my son was upset about his dad's choice of discipline for not eating breakfast. (Which, honestly, I don't agree with, but I didn't tell my son that. Anyway,I digress.)

So, Peter says to me (after his dad left): "He's just a pretend dad!"

Me: "What do you mean by that, Buddy?"

Peter: "You're my real owner" (ha) "You're the boss, he's not my boss, he only pretends!"

Me: "When you're at Daddy's house, he is the boss, I'm sorry buddy, that's just how it works. At his house you have to listen to him."

It's amazing how kids pick up on things. Peter isn't even five years old yet. Like I said, there's a part of me that hoped they wouldn't figure this out yet.

And a (very small) part of me that's glad they see how it is--makes me feel a bit more sane.

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