09 January 2008

Skinny Bitch

If you want to throw out all the food in your kitchen, read this book. Seriously--it's an eye opener. Well, actually it just spells out a lot of things most of us know, but are in denial of. Such as--the chemicals in processed foods. The antibiotics and hormones fed to animals that we eat, that we in turn digest. The horrendous conditions of dairy farms, cattle ranches, egg hatcheries.

Take out the cruelty to animals piece for a bit--I'm not going totally PETA on you--I promise--I won't give up my leather boots for birkenstocks! (I'm also not saying it's okay to be cruel to animals, just that it's not the only or primary reason for my concern.) Just think about what you are putting in your body:
-Another animal's milk?
-Rotting, decomposing flesh?
-Rotting, decomposing flesh riddled with hormones, antibiotics, drugs
-The unfertilized egg of another species?
-Vegetables that are processed and full of fertilizers and chemicals.

Why do we need to eat these things? Because the government says we need a "well-rounded" diet of dairy, meats, vegetables, limited grains. No wonder, the dairy and meat, and agriculture industries make a lot of money for our government.

What does this mean for me? Awareness. No more walking through life blind to what I put in my body. Read ingredients, know what you're eating. Make it organic, less processed, no chemicals. Eat out less, cook whole foods at home instead. Can it be more expensive? Probably. But isn't my and my children's health worth it?

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