16 May 2008

I choose happy


So many parts of my life are awesome right now. Really. My guy is freakin' awesome, my kids are incredible, smart witty little people. I've had an incredible year, in fact, I like 29 so much, I've been thinking I should keep him around longer. Why ditch him just because 30 is waiting around the corner? Fuck 30. 30 will have to wait, I'm enjoying 29 far too much. I digress, I'll blog that one closer to the 1st Anniversary for me and good ol' 29.

Back to the subject, I've spent the last several months letting the small portion of my life that is frustrating, that I am unhappy with, bring me down. But really, I need to drop it. I can't let that part get me down. I need to change it, or live with it. But if I live with it, I need to not be merely complacent, I need to accept it.

This may be possible for part, but not all of the portion I'm unhappy with. But, instead of lamenting where I'm at, and allowing life to happen to me, I'm going to make my life happen. It's about time. I need to stop waiting for things to happen that I logically know will not. I need to make certain things happen-as painful as it may be in the short term, I don't want to be "here" in another 10 years.

I never thought I'd be 29 and still figuring it out, but hell, at least I am figuring it out. So, I choose happy.

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